I'm Andy, a Freelance DevOps Consultant & Fractional CTO
from Bristol, UK.

I'm also still a decent full-stack Web Developer.


Skills and technologies

I have over 25 years professional full stack experience with the Web Development, Cloud, DevOps and Infrastructure.

Organisations I've worked with...


People who've worked with me say nice things

Vinnie Morgan

Vinnie Morgan, CEO at BookingLive

I worked with Andy for 2.5 years at BookingLive and after months of endlessly searching for a CTO, I knew within minutes of meeting him that he was the one we'd been looking for. He bought into our vision and very quickly got to work on resolving a number of tech challenges we had at the time, through process change, upskilling existing staff, recruiting new staff and working incredibly well with the rest of the leadership team, inputting his expertise into strategic decisions when required.

He was a prominent presence across the tech department. All staff respected Andy, the decisions he made and the support he gave them. He represented the company well to suppliers, clients and our board. He went above and beyond at times, particularly with security and compliance. Working closely with our COO, he helped attain ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Thanks Andy for all your hard work and the big gains you helped BookingLive make.

Ismael Velasco

Ismael Velasco, Director of Engineering at EarthShift Global

Andy is an outstanding tech leader. In addition to sharp technological vision and a drive for both technical and process improvements, he has exceptional people managing skills, with a soft touch but keen perception about people, which helps his team thrive, resolve conflicts and work to individual and collective strengths.

Gareth Lancaster

Gareth Lancaster, CTO at Scredible

Andy provided a first class DevOps service to Scredible for well over a year. He was instrumental in the organisation of our infrastructure and introduced Chef and Jenkins into our workflows to provide continuous integration and continuous deployment. In addition, it was his suggestion when I faced him with a scaling problem, to suggest Elasticsearch, a decision that proved pivotal for our systems to scale and a system we ended up embracing in a number of areas. He provided a custom deployment, permissions and environment management service that allowed all developers to quickly and easily manage their access, monitor services and deploy selectable commits to development, staging and production. It’s fair to say that we benefited greatly from his support, ability, and dedication.

Ed Massey

Ed Massey, Head of TechOps at Brightpearl

The Brightpearl TechOps team has enjoyed Andy's full stack devops skills for the last year or so. He has been massively instrumental in bringing all the infrastructure code and continuous delivery pipeline up to date. He's always experimenting with new technologies and finding their pros and cons.

Above all he’s pragmatic in his approach, very good at considering a project’s stakeholder requirements and thoroughly good natured in the way he goes about his work. It’s been a real pleasure to have Andy on our team and I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to any business looking to propel their developer operations in to the 21st Century.


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