I’m Andy, a Freelance DevOps Consultant,
Web Developer & Sys Admin
from Bristol, UK.

Computer screen showing code editor

Skills & Qualifications

I have over 16 years professional full stack experience with the Web and other Internet technologies.

  • I consult on Chef, Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins and Git build and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery systems.
  • I make and maintain high-traffic websites and web apps. They are well engineered, highly-available and serve millions everyday.
  • I use the correct technology for the situation and have experience with PHP (often with Laravel or CakePHP; sometimes with Slim) and Python (often with Django; sometimes with Flask) and Perl, Ruby, C and Java.
  • Browser side, I'm familiar with CSS, Javascript and HTML. I have used Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette, jQuery and jQuery Mobile to create rich client-side applications.
  • I do test-driven systems administration on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS) and FreeBSD boxes and use Chef to automate the provisioning, configuration, management and deployment of those boxes with ChefSpec, Test Kitchen/Kitchen.ci and Severspec to automate testing.
  • I develop with Test Driven Development and have used PHPUnit, Jasmine, unittest and Cucumber.
  • I have experience managing environments both on bare metal and in the Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Brightbox, Linode and Digital Ocean clouds.
  • I have extensive experience with LXC, Docker and CoreOS.
  • I'm founder and organiser of the Bristol DevOps meetup event.

I have in-depth experience and knowledge about the technologies listed above. This experience allows me to help you make a pragmatic decision on the correct technology for your project.

I'm currently accepting work. Please email andygale@andy-gale.com and we can discuss your needs further.


I've spoken at conferences both home and abroad as well at local events in Bristol.

Nobody likes you Jenkins

  • PHPSW, Bristol, England
  • 14th October 2015

PHP Migrations with Phinx

  • PHPSW, Bristol, England
  • 8th April 2015

Test-Driven Infrastructure

  • Bristol DevOps, Bristol, England
  • 18th March 2015


  • PHPSW, Bristol, England
  • 8th Oct 2014

Chef and Docker

  • Bristol DevOps, Bristol, England
  • 1st October 2014

Auto-scaling PHP applications using Chef and AWS

  • PHPSW, Bristol, England
  • 12th Feb 2014

Testing Javascript

  • Southville JS, Bristol, England
  • 16th May 2013

Bristol Skillswap on Vagrant

  • Bristol Skillswap, Bristol, England
  • 18th March 2013

Using Vagrant

  • Bristol Web Folk, Bristol, England
  • 9th October 2012

Avoiding surprises with Chef and Vagrant

  • CakeFest, Manchester, England
  • 30th August - 2nd September 2012

Flexible site structure with CakePHP

  • CakeFest, Manchester, England
  • 30th August - 2nd September 2012

CakePHP at massive scale on a budget

  • At CakeFest, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2nd - 5th September 2010

Please email andygale@andy-gale.com if you'd like me to speak at your event.


A cross section of some of the sites I have worked on.

Proton Cars

Rebuilt Find a dealer section using Bing Maps API, PHP, Javascript and jQuery.


I was Systems Architect and Technical Project Lead during the rebuild of the popular Future Publishing website T3 using CakePHP, Memcache, ActiveMQ and MySQL.


Systems Architect during the rebuild of the world's number one cycling site. There are lots of cycling fanatics in the world and the site uses a CakePHP CMS and custom PHP and Memcache content delivery platform which copes fantastically with all the intense traffic peaks.

Barclays Premier League

Worked on the official Premier League fantasy football game using Python, Django, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette and jQuery.


Systems Architect on rebuild of Bikely, a cycle routes web application from Future Publishing. Used CakePHP and MongoDB. MongoDB was selected for it's geospatial functionality which allow the addition of innovative new map based features.


Monarch continue to run their business on a custom PHP content management based on the system I architected over 10 years ago.


I wrote a book.

Getting started with Chef

Learn how to configure, manage and provision cloud servers with Chef by following practical examples with real world applications.

Archive articles

Positive Cache Expiry with CakePHP

Using core CakePHP functionality to implement positive cache expiry.

View Caching with Memcache and CakePHP

Using CakePHP and Memcache to deliver pages of your website faster than fast. (Historical page)

Before You Implement Caching on Your Website

As well as thinking about caching you should also optimise your code. This introduction to profiling PHP with xDebug should help get you started.

Development Environments

Some thoughts about web development environments and why you should be doing your development inside a virtual machine. See my presentation on Vagrant for an up-to-date take on this.